Nxtdigital Shareholders Approve Merger With Hinduja Global

99.99% non-promoter shareholders voted in favour of the Nxtdigital-Hinduja Global merger, according to a statement.

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Shareholders of NxtDdigital Ltd. have voted in favour of the company's merger with Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd.

"99.99% non-promoter shareholders voted in favour of the scheme of arrangement between Nxtdigital Ltd. and Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd.," the digital television services provider said in a statement.

According to the regulatory updates, 75.25 lakh voted were polled in which 75.24 lakh were in favour of the scheme and 1,022 against it.

"This overwhelming support by the minority shareholders is reflective of the fact that the company has always kept the interests of the minority shareholders in mind while taking any strategic decisions," Nxtdigital CEO Vynsley Fernandes said in the statement. "The result is acknowledgement of the same by the shareholders."

Nxtdigital is the flagship media business of the Hinduja Group. It delivers TV services via a dual-delivery platform consisting of the terrestrial fibre route and the country's only headend-in-the-sky satellite platform, under the brand names INDigital and NXTDIGITAL, respectively.