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Top Layoffs Of 2022: From Meta, Amazon To Twitter, Byjus and Microsoft

Year 2022 saw a massive round of job cuts and hiring freezes by tech companies. Find out the top layoffs that happened this year

Meta Layoffs

Parent company of Facebook, Meta top's the list as the company cut approximately 11,000 jobs, which is 13% of the total jobs from their global workforce

Amazon Layoffs

Ecommerce Giant was among the other top companies to announce job cuts, and reportedly laid off around 10,000 employees along with announcing a hiring freeze for 2023

Twitter Layoffs

Twitter fired most of its over 200 employees in India as Elon Musk looks to control costs globally. Elon Musk fired around 3,700 of the company’s staff, about 50% of the company’s workforce

Byjus Layoffs

Next in the list is Edtech Unicorn Byjus which laid off 2,500 employees which is around 5 percent of the 50,000 odd strong workforce across product, content, media, and technology teams

Microsoft Layoffs

Tech giant Microsoft let go off its 1000 employees from its Xbox, Edge and Devices teams. Earlier, it had fired around 1800 employees in July 2022

HP Layoffs

HP revealed their strategy to eliminate approximately 4,000 to 6,000 employees in an attempt to cut down on costs. The company is planning to lay off around 10% of its entire global workforce by the end of Fiscal 2025.

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Salesforce Layoffs

Salesforce has also reportedly cut off hundreds of jobs from their global workforce in a bid to cut costs. Salesforce had more than 73,000 employees prior to this action, so the layoff represented a fraction of the overall workforce,

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