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Tech Layoffs Continue: Atlassian Fires 500 Employees

Layoffs in tech and corporate world has continued in March as well. Atlassian being one of them, and other major layoffs in 2023

Atlassian Lays Of 500 Employees

Atlassian Corp. has announced recently that they would be laying off around 5% of their total workforce, which amounts to about 500 people. The company said they are reallocating resources to concentrate on other growth divisions.

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Upgrad Lays Off Around 120 Employees

In early March, the Indian Edtech company Upgrad reportedly laid off a total of 120 employees from one of their subsidiary companies called Impartus Innovations. It affected a total of 30% of the subsidiary’s workforce.

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ThoughtWorks Lays Off 500 Employees

As per reports, the tech company ThoughtWorks is the latest to join the layoff trend as it reportedly fired about 5% of its total workforce globally or about 500 employees.

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Electronic Arts Lay Off 200 Game Testers

Electronic Arts of EA is one of the largest game developers on the planet. In late February, it was reported that EA had abruptly laid off around 200 of their game testers without further notice.

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Twitter Reportedly Layoffs 200 Workers

NY Times announced in late February that Twitter had continued laying off its staff, and in the latest round of layoffs had said goodbye to about 200 of its employees. 

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Polygon Lays Off 20% Of Workforce

As per reports, the Indian crypto startup Polygon has reportedly laid off 20% of its total staff as part of a restructuring and consolidation process, the laid-off employees will receive 3 months' salary as severance.

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Tencent Fires 200 People From Workforce

The Chinese tech giant Tencent announced in February that the company had fired around 200 people from its workforce last year as discrepancies and corruption issues had been discovered.

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