Photo Credit: <a href="">Google</a>’s LaMDA software (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) is a sophisticated AI chatbot that produces text in response to user input. According to software engineer Blake Lemoine, LaMDA has achieved a long-held dream of AI developers: it has become sentient.

ChatGPT And Bing AI Compared: Major Differences And Functionality

The AI race has already begun and the battle between tech giants on who brings out the best AI is gaining momentum

ChatGPT Is An LLM, Bing Is A Search Engine

Fundamentally, ChatGPT is a large language model built to mimic human-like speech and writing along with other functionalities. Bing AI is a search engine that utilises the language capabilities of ChatGPT's LLM.

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The Bing app is available on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and Microsoft Edge, but there is a waitlist for Bing. ChatGPT is universally available but only accessible through their website.

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While you can get dynamic and creative text outputs using ChatGPT, its knowledge is limited. On the other hand, Bing has access to current events and the internet, but cannot provide content output at par with ChatGPT.


Both ChatGPT and Bing are free to use but in a limited capacity. However, ChatGPT does offer a ‘Plus’ subscription through which users can get priority access, faster speeds, and access to ChatGPT 4. The free version is limited to ChatGPT 3.5.

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ChatGPT has been shown to provide fictional or made-up information and also makes mistakes on occasion. While Bing also has these problems, its accuracy level is higher since it directly sources information from the internet.

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ChatGPT, especially ChatGPT 4, can provide creatively extensive outputs when given the right prompts. Since Bing is primarily a search engine, its creative capabilities are majorly lacking when compared to ChatGPT.

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Languages Supported

Bing AI officially supports multiple languages and users can interact with it using their preferred language. Meanwhile, ChatGPT also understands several languages but its accuracy in generating output in languages other than English is sometimes limited.

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