Photo Credit: A senior citizen couple at one of Ashiana Housing’s senior living projects. (Source: Ashiana Housing)

7 Banks Offering Highest Interest Rates On Senior Citizen Fixed Deposits

Earn as high as 9.50% interest rate on Fixed deposits for senior citizens from these selected banks


Senior citizens are eligible for 7.60% interest rate under the SBI Amrit Kalash deposit programme. Moreover, the bank is providing older citizens with fixed deposit rates of 7.50% for terms of 5 years and up to 10 years through the "SBI WeCare" deposit scheme.

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For fixed deposits with terms ranging from 5 years one day to 10 years, senior residents receive an annual interest rate of 7.75% from HDFC Bank. The bank is providing an extra 0.75% interest rate through its Senior Citizen Care FD offer.

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Elderly people can earn up to 0.75% higher interest through IDBI Bank's Naman Senior Citizen programme. The interest rate on deposits with maturities between one year and two years (except for 444 days and 700 days) is 7.50%, and the interest rate on deposits with maturities between three years and ten years is 7%.

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Indian Bank

Under the IND SHAKTI 555 DAYS plan, Indian Bank is offering 7% interest rate to general citizens and 7.50% to elderly citizens.

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Fincare Small Finance Bank

For deposits under Rs 2 crore, this bank offers senior people fixed deposit interest rates ranging from 3.60% to 9.01%. Senior residents with a term of 1,000 days are offered the maximum interest rate of 9.01%. 

Utkarsh Small Finance Bank

This bank is offering elderly people fixed deposits with interest rates starting from 4.75% to 9%. The 700-day tenure carries the highest interest rate of 9%.

Unity Small Finance Bank

Senior citizens are offered fixed deposit interest rates ranging from 4.50% to 9.50%. On a term of 1001 days, the highest interest rate of 9.50% is provided. Additionally, a 9.25% interest rate is given for terms ranging from 181 to 201 days and 501 days.

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