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HDFC vs Kotak vs Ujjivan SF vs Axis vs ICICI Bank: Latest FD Rates

From HDFC to Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, here’s a list of 5 banks that have hiked their Fixed deposit interest rates this week.

HDFC Bank FD Rates

Currently, they offer 4.75%-7.25% to the general public and 5.25%-7.75% to senior citizens on deposits between Rs 2 cr to Rs 5 cr.

Photo Credit: An HDFC Bank branch in Mumbai. (Source: BQ Prime)

Kotak Mahindra Bank FD Rates

The general public can get 2.75%-7.40% on annualized yield and senior citizens get 3.25%-7.93% on deposits below Rs 2 cr.

Photo Credit: People standing in queue outside a Kotak Mahindra Bank branch in Mumbai. (Photo: Vijay Sartape/ BQ Prime)

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank FD Rates

On March 8, Ujjivan SFB hiked FD Rates, giving 6.70%-8.45% on Platina Deposits of Rs.15 lakhs to Rs.2 cr. Domestic FD gets you 3.75%-8.25% with an additional 0.50% for senior citizens.

Photo Credit: Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd. (Source: Company website).

Axis Bank FD Rates

You can get 3.50%-7.26% on deposits below Rs 5 cr, while senior citizens get 3.50%-8.01% on the same amount.

Photo Credit: An Axis Bank branch in Mysore. (Source: Company's official fb page)

ICICI Bank FD Rates

You can get 4.75%-7.25% for deposits between Rs 2 cr to Rs 5 cr to the general public while senior citizens enjoy an additional 0.50%.

Photo Credit: An ICICI Bank branch in Mumbai. (Photo: Vijay Sartape/BQ Prime)

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