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Indians View This Country As Biggest Threat After China

Indians view China as the biggest military threat, closely followed by the U.S. in second.

China And U.S. Are Considered Biggest Threats

Indians view the U.S. as the biggest military threat after China and place greater blame on NATO and Washington than on Russian President Vladimir Putin for the war in Ukraine, according to a new survey.

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43% View China As India's Biggest Threat

Some 43% of the 1,000 respondents perceived China—with whom India has a long-lingering border dispute and has seen tensions flare again since 2020—as the greatest threat.

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U.S. Ahead Of Pakistan As Threat

However, 22% saw the U.S. as the second-most significant security threat, ahead of India's historic rival Pakistan, the survey showed. 

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Concerns Persist Despite Closer QUAD relations

The concerns reflected in the survey about the risks from Washington persist despite India's closer partnership with the U.S., Australia and Japan—or the Quad.

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More Indians Blame U.S., NATO For Ukraine Conflict

More Indians blame the U.S. and the NATO for the Russia-Ukraine war because "historical ties with Russia formed during the Cold War and in the post-independence period run deeper than India's relatively new relationship with the U.S.”, says TS Lombard's Shumita Deveshwar.

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