A web series on investing styles, strategies and frameworks that help you become a smarter investor.

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Each episode is about 15 minutes and is structured around a single investing style, strategy or framework.

Momentum Investing

Momentum Investing

Alok Jain,
Weekend Investing

We kickstart the series by discussing one of the most counter-intuitive & rewarding investment strategies: Momentum. The idea of “buying high & selling higher” is alien to many investors, but it has proved time & again that it generates market-beating returns.

Understand how momentum works from Alok Jain, Founder of WeekendInvesting, who breaks the strategy down in this episode - and learn how you can use it in your portfolio.

Smart Beta Strategies

Smart Beta Strategies

Anugrah Shrivastava,
Founder – smallcase

Smart Beta is the middle ground between active & passive investment styles. Developed by Nobel-Prize winner Eugene Fame & Kenneth French, it’s a systematic, rules-based approach to with a unique weighting scheme.

In this episode, Anugrah Shrivastava, Founder of smallcase (or Case Research?) simplifies this increasingly popular strategy - so watch this video to learn how you can get the best of both active & passive investing.

New Investors and HDFC Securities

New Investors and HDFC Securities

Nandkishore Purohit & Devarsh Vakil
- HDFC Securities

In Episode 3, host Anupam Gupta explores the topic of investing in stocks for new investors. Joining him on the show are two senior executives from HDFC securities - Nandkishore Purohit (Head - Digital) and Devarsh Vakil (Head - Advisory). The episode revolves around low participation of Indians in the equity markets, issues faced by new investors, investing behaviour of Millenials, smallcases created by HDFC securities and actionable suggestions for investors to make better decisions.

ETFs and iPru

ETFs and iPru

Sankaran Naren, CIO, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund

Has the ETF revolution in India begun? The future of ETFs is written in history as one of the most ‘Successful’ product. Deep-dives into ETFs - what exactly they are, why should investors care about it, how can ETFs be used in portfolios, and much more. In this episode, Sankaran Naren, CIO, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund is in conversation with Anupam Gupta discussing everything you need to know about ‘ETFs and iPru’

ETFs and iPru

What is ‘Growth Investing’?

Sudhanshu Asthana, CEO & CIO, CO-Founder – Tamohara Investment Managers

The idea of ‘Growth Investing came about in the early 1930s. The stock markets have undergone a tremendous evolution since then, but Growth remains one of the most core strategies that most investors apply in some way or the other. But what makes it still relevant? In this episode, Sudhanshu Asthana, CEO & CIO, CO-Founder – Tamohara Investment Managers is in conversation with Anupam Gupta discussing everything you need to know about ‘Growth Investing’.


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the smallcases show

Picking stocks shouldn’t be a game of roulette. After all, it’s your hard-earned money that’s at stake.

The smallcases Show brings you various investing styles, strategies and frameworks that can help you become a smarter investor. No stock tips, no recommendations. Through conversations with high calibre market experts and fund managers, the show presents clear, concise and actionable insights for you to put your money to work more effectively.

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Anupam Gupta

Chartered Accountant

About The Host

Anupam Gupta is a Chartered Accountant (CA) and an Independent Consultant. He has worked for 11 years on market strategy and as a research analyst across three equity brokerages in India covering specific sectors (autos and telecoms).

Outside of institutional research, Anupam write columns (by-lines for Business Standard, Scroll) and hosts his own podcast (Paisa Vaisa).

About smallcases

A smallcase is a basket of stocks that are intelligently weighted to reflect an idea, theme or strategy. For example, the Rising Rural Demand smallcase is a portfolio of companies that stand to benefit from rising rural consumption.


Each smallcase is created by Research Analysts or Investment Advisors registered with SEBI. smallcases are diversified portfolios, similar to mutual funds and hence less risky than single stocks. Unlike mutual funds, smallcases make you a shareholder as opposed to receiving units. Hence, they are transparent and give you complete control with no lock-ins. Zero management fees make smallcases a low-cost investment option for the modern investor. Welcome to the future of investing!


smallcases are available through India’s leading brokers - Zerodha, HDFC securities, Kotak securities, Axis Direct, Edelweiss and 5paisa. Discover unique ideas and invest in just 2-clicks.


Welcome to the future of investing.

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