An India-Centric Approach To Venture Capital

What does an India-centric VC ecosystem look like & how can VCs focus on India's needs rather than ape Western models? Akshay Munjal, Ganesh Natarajan & Surya Mantha, in conversation with Ivor Soans.

The Future Of Gaming In India

Gaming is serious business, can power careers and generate jobs. Siddharth Menon, Manohar Hotchandani and Kanishka Mohan discuss how gaming can power new avenues of growth for Indians and our nation.

The Next Evolution Of The App Economy

The App Economy has changed India, but a bigger transformation is coming as apps and super apps go from India to Bharat, shifting focus from 100 million Indians to the next billion. T N Hari, Nitin Sethi & Sanjoy Paul decode the future with Ivor Soans.

The Future Of Cloud

From multi-cloud strategy, super cloud to cloud buying decisions by line of business leaders, Sanchit Vir Gogia and Subram Natarajan decode the future of cloud in India.

Data Is The New Water

Insights are critical for decisions. Here's what India must do to harness the benefits of data science & analytics. Ivor Soans in conversation with Pranav Arora, Avik Sarkar and Dipyaman Sanyal.

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