There's a revolution happening not only on shop floors, but also within offices.

With artificial intelligence (AI) becoming critical to business success, organisations will invest heavily in AI and robotics. 74% of automation technologists feel cognitive technologies will necessitate man-machine collaboration.

Ready for the Future Workforce, India

Customer experience: Changing dynamics

The very concept of work is being redefined.

AI and robotics are reshaping customer experience.

By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without human intervention.

Ready for the Future Workforce, India

AI-led transformation @ Work

Early innovators in India are already seeing results of transformation driven by AI:

A leading general insurer deployed AI and analytics to boost customer call reviews from 40 to 8,000 per month

A Indian health insurance major employed AI to successfully process 18,000+ cashless claims per month

A private sector bank in India used machine learning to identify wilful defaulters with data-backed intelligence

Ready for the Future Workforce, India?

5-step workforce transformation roadmap for India Inc.

Reorganise work distribution between humans and machines

Adapt to agility

Invest in innovation and creative talent

Reskill, retrain your staff for the Future of Work

Encourage leadership at all levels

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