It's time for Cyber Resilience. Are you prepared?

It's time for Cyber Resilience.
Are you prepared?

Cyber security has jumped to the top of companies' risk agenda - the question is no longer 'if' you will be attacked, but 'when.'

India experienced a massive
6,95,000 cyber-attacks
during H1 2018

The spike in cyber-attacks is causing a corresponding explosion in costs associated with cyber risks.

Number of personal data records stolen by cyber criminals

According to Juniper Research,cybercrime will cost global businesses an astounding $8 trillion + from 2017 to 2022

Average economic loss due to cyber attacks

Average economic loss from attacks on large enterprises is $10.3 million. Mid-sized organisations suffered economic loss worth $11,000 per attack, on average

Traditional approaches to cyber risks have failed

The answer lies in
Cyber Resilience

How to build Cyber Resilience?

Start seeing Cyber Risk through a whole new approach, covering all types of risks:

Technology Risk

Operational Risk

Fraud Risk

Reputational Risk

Here's how a few forward-thinking organisations are dealing with cyber-attacks:

An MNC gas major embedded cyber resilience into business strategy:

A leading Indian IT consulting and product engineering services firm reduced malware attacks to nearby zero percent by implementing a three-pronged approach:

Cloud-based threat monitoring and analytics to nullify attacks like zero-day exploits and malware

A magnifier behavioural analytics tool to detect (and neutralise) hidden network threats

Contextual threat intelligence service to speed up threat monitoring, analytics and prevention

A young Indian bank devised a cyber security approach advocated by global financial regulators. It deployed a comprehensive Cyber Security Maturity Model (CSMM) encompassing:

  • Enterprise security controls
  • IT infrastructure security
  • Endpoint security
  • Security monitoring
  • Outsourcing